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Textile Mill Equipment Vendor - Research and development, production and marketing in the field of textile machinery - Nonwoven; Worsted Combing; Worsted Spinning; Pile Fabric; Semi-worsted; Reclamation; Woolen Spinning; Spinning Automation; Filament Automation; Bale Presses; Fiber Blowing; Air Lay System - Our firm is one of the world leading companies in designing, production and commissioning of blending and openings plants for any kind of textile process - NC Coil, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom springs, wire forms and a variety of metal products - ABB is well positioned to help the textile industry achieve superior productivity. ABB products, systems and services allow the textile industry to optimize industrial and environmental performance by improving labor productivity, process efficiency and product quality while reducing production costs and meeting environmental regulations - Gaudino is located on an area of about 38000 about 20000 covered, in Cossato province of Biella famous textile center where are located the most important woollen mills in the world - From concept to construction, we provide advanced technology and machinery for the apparel, automotive, industrial and home furnishings industries - Gualchierani Textile Automation S.p.a. works mainly in the following fields: Baling of Textile Product; Automatic Handling of Textile Product; Material handling and logistics - - For 40 years Automatex N. W. has planned and built machines and complete lines for the non woven production - Since its founding nearly fifty years ago, Morrison Textile Machinery has been designing and producing the premier textile dyeing and finishing machinery for fabric producers worldwide