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Textile Mill Chemical and Dye Supplier - Founded in 1920, Keystone Aniline is dedicated to providing innovative, cost-effective quality dyes and specialty pigments to a broad range of customers throughout the United states and the world - Zydex product range includes Textile chemicals, Textile polymers, Speciality polymers, Sizing polymers, Printing thickeners, Finishing chemicals, Printing additives and Dyeing additives - Over 200 years of experience in the industry has led to a suite of state-of-the-art products. DuPont ™ Artistri™ inks infuses textiles with bold colors. DuPont™ Delrin® resins form durable textiles and repel dirt. And solutions like DuPont ™ Glypure® cleanse waste to ensure a minimal residual presence in the environment - Teamwork is the key to success in textiles. Combine your expertise in textile finishing with our know-how as the leading supplier of textile dyes. Our extensive range of products, services and innovations is geared entirely to the needs of the textile industry - Town End (Leeds) plc is a family business that supplies all main classes of dyestuffs to the textile and related industry throughout the world, including: textiles, paper, inks, leather, textile auxiliaries, aqueous formulations and OBAs