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Machine Listing - Filament Extrusion Plants

IEN 117804
Manufacturer Zimmer/Lurgi
Equipment Class Complete Plants
Capacity 500 Tons/Week
Type Extrustion Lines

  Complete Filament Extrution Plant, consisting of the following: One(1) ZIMMER Polymer Line for the production of Fiber grade PET, 1992 yr, 220 tons/week; Two(2) LURGI Polymer lines for the production of Fiber grade PET, 1982/80 yr, 280 tons/week total (2) lines; Three(3) AUTOMATIK POY lines, 1992 year, Toray winders with automatic doffing, 12 and 144 threadlines each; Seven(7) BARMAG POY lines, 1980-82 year, Barmag winders, 8-64 threadlines each; Ten(10) BARMAG Texturizing Machines, Model FK6-800, 1988/89 year, 2 heaters; Two(2) STAHLE Air Texturizing Machines, Mdl RMT D,1999 year, 24 positions each; Twenty-Four(24) ICBT Twisters, Mdl DT 360E/DTM 235 DT, 1996 year, 108 positions each; Other equipment including Compressors, Spares, Autoclaves, etc.