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Machine Listing - Circular Bag Lines

IEN 117814
Capacity 40,000 / bags/day
Manufacturer Starlinger
Year (Age) 1995
Equipment Class Circular Bag Lines
Type Synthetic Fibers

  Starlinger Tape Extrusion and Circular Bag Production Line – One (1) STAREX 1000 MA 90, tape line comprising: Volumetric dosing. Extruder 90mm screw diameter, L/D30, 1000mm working width, 300kg/h maximum output. 10 HDE-4 looms, working width 200-850mm, weft density 20-75/10 cm, 160 rpm, weft insertion 600/min. 10 HDN-4 looms, working width 200-850mm. Two(2) Leno looms, working width 250-750mm, for production of open bags, net bags. Output: about 40,000 bags/day. For complete equipment list contact us.