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Machine Listing - Warpers

IEN 117810
Type Denim Preparation Machinery
Manufacturer West Point
Equipment Class Warpers

  Denim preparation machinery for sale. Three(3) WEST POINT Ball Warpers, 438 end creel with ability to double creel. (magazine creel); One(1) machine capable 250 mts/min. Two(2) machines capable of 300 mts/min. One(1) McCOY ELLISON Warper, Model 101, 1994 year; 450 mpm operating speed . Four(4) WEST POINT Long Chain Beamers, 220 m/minute operating speed. One(1) MORRISON Rope Dye Range. One(1) WEST POINT Sizing Machine. One(1) SUCKER Sizing Machine, 70 m/minute operating speed, Moisture monitoring.